Question: Workflow - Custom Posed Characters

Hi Yah, have had a client ask me to render off some marketing shots for their product, they have asked for posed characters to feature in the shots. This is something that I’ve managed to get away with in the past with the 3D Characters that are available within D5 & Twinmotion but the poses they want and even clothing is not in the “standard” 3D Model characters.

I’m wanting to be able to pose the characters and if possible dress as required by the client or as near as possible. I’m looking at software like DAZ3D or Reallusion, at this stage they’re not after animated characters, but still images only. Does anyone else use that workflow? Can you export posed models out of DAZ3D or Reallusion easily enough with baked/applied textures and use them within D5 for example? I also had a look at Metahumans, but they only export with the A Pose. Thought I’d then take the Metahuman into Unreal 5 and apply one of the many animated poses available but it’s so long-winded to retarget Metahuman to the Unreal Mannequin and doesn’t always work as expected.

Thanks in advance

Hi Chae, for now you may need to find a solution which can export the models in .abc file format, then they will be able to get imported into D5. Other file formats are not supported yet.

Hi Yah Oliver, Thanks I’ll have a look at that. The reason for asking is the client wants the characters to look like they work their machines/equipment and some wear industry-specific clothing.


Ok Chae, thanks for the info, we will take that into consideration.

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