Question about the future of converter for 3ds MAX

Hello team!

Just seen an info about 3ds MAX 2023:

Since we still don’t have a 3ds MAX 2022 ( that have som huge updates for modelling) it would be nice to know what you guys are planning for the 3ds MAX converter. D5 render is great and the fact that there is a converter for 3ds MAX is fantastic but, in my humble oppinion, it would be great to see some advancements in the FBX import format that is universal.

For me, if we had an FBX importer that could handle simple material maps, some vray and corona conversion algorithm and could read animation, the same way Lumion works, It would be more important than an late 3ds MAX 2022 converter!

Hope you guys understand and take this suggestion into account! D5 is great and I can’t wait for 2.2, 2.3, and so on! Thanks for whis amazing software!

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Thanks for your suggestion. The new converter is under development, also it will support 2022 and 2023. It will contain VRay and Corona support. Actually, the fbx from 3DsMax couldn’t support all materials you have mentioned. So it’s necessary for D5 to develop this with the 3DsMax platform.

By the way, we are also planning to support the fbx format with animation, please stay tuned.


Nice! That’s the way to go!

Wow, this is awesome news! Fbx support is what we need badly tbh