Progetto casa ruocco living

D5 Render Version: 1.8
Graphics Card: RTX 1070
Workflow: NORMAL



Nice design! btw I am a little curious why you do not upgrade to 1.9.0…

Hi Oliver.
Thanks for your appreciation on my work done with D5.
I don’t use the D5 1.9 update because it has shadows and lights problems that you already know, reading on the forum.
Before explaining to me there is something to say, thanks to your staff for having created D5 RENDER, very intuitive and simple for those who approach this world.
I have been working on 3D design for more than 25 years, and I have used almost all programs,
if there is a problem with a software, for reasons of time, I try to solve the problem myself.
Since D5 1.9 was not working well, I installed again, in another section of the PC D5 1.8, so I use both of them, and it is normal if on 1.8 it asks me for upgrade 1.9 I do not do it, because I already have it.
If you have seen the images of the Naples office, in that I first used 1.8 and then opened it with 1.9, and it didn’t give me any problems, but we must say that importing from one version to another, and this happened to me on other files, which I then had to redo with the other version, sometimes there is the proplema of shadows and lights and other times not.
I started from version 1.3 and so on, and it is normal for improvements or deteriorations to be made. And I noticed, if I remember correctly, that in the first beta phase there was already the Geo system with the indication of the time and already there the shadows had problems, however, there was also a way to lighten and blend the shadow. Maybe I have given you a suggestion
That said, I think I answered your question,
I’m sorry, but I don’t speak English, I get help from translators.

Thank you so much for writing this. Please check my reply on your other topic, I consulted the development team and they told me why the dark shadow appears.


hi Oliver
Thanks for the advice, but you have already seen this work wondering why I use d5 version 1.8 and not 1.9, but on my laptop we have both. I push myself again, maybe with my translator English it doesn’t work well :smile:
This work went well, but I did it with version 1.8 and it didn’t give me these lighting issues, but with the upgrade to D5 1.9 it did as you checked.
I just tried to give some advice to colleagues who love this job, as you said, then I use the Beta starting from D5 1.3 and so on, with its improvements which I really appreciated. Certainly in the future, when I change the laptop with a higher graphics card than I have, I will buy the program. But I still await the development of the program.
I salute you
Arch. Riccardo Fortelli