Problems with starting d5render

Hello. We installed last week d5 render in free modes to be able to test the software and we were able to make our first project on it. Our experience until yesterday has been very satisfactory and the learning curve is optimal. So, we intend to move to the payment method. The problem is that yesterday we couldn’t start the program suddenly, neither directly by clicking on the launcher, nor through the 3dsmax gateway. It is normal?? What should it be? It is a problem because we cannot access the created project. (Our team has a good configuration (RTX 3080TI) and it has worked perfectly these days) We look forward to some feedback. Thanks a lot.

Hello, sorry to hear that you ran into this problem, did you change the monitor settings or upgrade video driver/system recently?
Also, the problem happens to a specific file, or all files cannot be opened in D5?
At last, is there any error message? It would be good if you could show us a screenshot.

Hi Oliver.
Finally it seems that it was a punctual problem. Thank you very much for the quick answer