Problems to export separately objets from Max

I would like to know if there is the possibility of exporting objects from 3ds max separately to be able to work them independently in D5, although I collapse all the objects and ungroup them from 3ds max, when I export it to D5 there are objects that are grouped to others and I cannot work them independently.

Every time I want to apply a texture to a single object I find several grouped objects, which are not even related to each other. For example, the floor with a plant, or walls with cushions.

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Hi there! Maybe you can try to import your 3Ds file to Sketch Up first, then apply different texture in SU to distinguish different parts, finally you can change it in D5 individually. Hope this method will help you solve this issue!

Thanks for the info. I had no problem exporting the scenes from 3ds Max to D5 directly. But some have problems.

Sometimes it happens that if I export from 3ds Max to D5, I find groups of objects in D5 and can’t work each object individually.

I tried exporting from 3ds Max to SKP and then importing the SKP into D5 and I found that the entire scene was a single object.

I will keep trying

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So did any body find a solution for the “my whole scene is one object” problem, Im also importing from 3ds max using the converter to .d5a but my whole scene is imported as one object? I tried the SKP then D5 , it didn’t work.
I Ungrouped every thing , my scene is completely collapsed to editable poly, and yet i get my whole scene as one single object when imported to d5.

Hello sir, this is the modeling logic in D5 Render, you could apply materials in 3dsmax then export as d5a, and in this way we could apply materials for its different parts. If you want to divide the model, then I could only suggest you divide the model into different projects in 3dsmaxc then export to D5 individually. Use Align feature to keep their relative position.

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thank you Oliver.j