Please move round corners to in progress

Hi Team - I noticed this request has been on for more the a year. Still in planning stage.

Can I kindly ask to consider fast tracking this much needed function in D5.

Again, thank you for all the new features in latest updated.

Go team!

Aren’t “round corners” more likely to be in a modeling program vs a rendering one? What is it that you are looking for D5 to do exactly?

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it is an effect that render engines like vray/thea/corona use to create the effect of a rounded edge. i think they use the bump/normal channel for that. so you dont have to model all the rounded edges.


Yes, please! One of the reasons I still use lumion

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This is very much needed! It would bring the realism in D5 to a whole new level!


Totally agree that the ‘Rounded Corner’ feature should be one of your top priorities. As a Revit user, it is too time consuming to round the corners of your 3D models. I also still use Lumion for this feature.