Please make possible to import animated 3d people from external library

At the moment, we are limited to use the animated 3d people from the D5render library.
The problem is we can’t change saturation, brightness or contrast of these and if they don’t match our lighting condition or have poor contrast they look unrealistic.

I would ask to allow the user to modify these parameters, or at least to make possible to import our own animated 3d people without loosing the animation behavior. Actually both options would be great but even one of them will make a big difference. Thanks.

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Hi 3dfan,

Thanks for the suggestion. Animated model importing is planned to be implemented in version 1.8.1. Meanwhile, we’ll add functions to adjust materials of assets in the library. Stay tuned!


Thanks Zeping. Looking forward to the next update. Hopefully soon? :wink:

1.8.0 is going to preview soooon :wink:

Hi there, has this been resolved since. The 3d people assets are very high quality, it would make scenes so much better to have adjustments that automatically match the lights in place. Thanks.

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Hi there,

It’s on the roadmap
Thank you

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Thats great news, Thanks

Any news about importing animated assets…!!?