Please focus on the basics

I feel like the D5 Render development team is focusing too much attention on gimmicky assets, while not focusing on basic elements that will help produce realistic renderings. Here are some observations.

  1. We have yet to get good static and realistic sheer curtain assets/sheer curtain fabrics that don’t create weird reflections/refractions between the back of the curtain and the glass. And the dynamic curtains are really distracting. I’d never use them in a professional presentation. I don’t want my clients to focus on a billowing curtain.

  2. Plants with translucency. There are many plant/tree assets but few with translucent leaves. Any translucent vegetation assets should be marked as such so we can choose them easily.

  3. Frosted glass. This is a staple of architects and interior designers. We should be able to create different opacities and even gradations of frosted texture without heavy pixelation.

  4. The animated people are really awful. I mean, if one wants to make a rendering look fake, loading those animated people are the best way to do it. Lumion has the same weird people. They look like mannequins and move like robots. And the animals aren’t much better. Very uncanny valley. Maybe there needs to be more focus on making 2D people look realistic. I think technology needs about 5 more years before the animated people look real enough to use in renderings where they are close to the camera.

  5. Rain and snow effect. This is a nice addition, but I’d rather have good curtains and frosted glass. I am surprised that it was developed sooner than other features. In my opinion it’s just not a feature that architects and designers need before some of the aforementioned basics.

  6. Randomization of textures. I think this feature should be a critical path item. Very important to realism.

  7. HDRI development. I had focus /clarity issues when I used this feature in D5 and I couldn’t adjust it up or down or how far away it appeared. This is a critical path item as well. My work around was placing background images on vertical planes made in Revit.

In short, D5 Render is a great tool, but I was so offput by some of the problems with it that I stopped testing it for a month. I hope there will be more focus on the basics versus gimmicks that don’t add to the realism many others and I seek.


I am glad that there are still people who realize the basis of quality.
I hope the D5 team takes that to heart too.

Another urgent assets construction site:
In the future we need to have a solution, we will have 10`000 objects in Assets soon.
It should be allowed to delete those objects from the assets that we never need.
This would make downloading faster in a simple way.

Most architecture and interior design firms don’t even use 1% of the assets.
Why do so many offices still work with Megascan, Laubwerk, Speetree etc.
Because we don’t want the same assets and some are not contemporary or not culture specific.

Why do many switch from lumion, tinmotion,enscape etc. to D5.
Not because of assets but the quality and usability.
Check out the various comments on the youtube channel.

“D5 is growing well and making constant updates, they listen to the community” by Nuno


Helle everyone,

thanks for the push in this direction! I would like to add caustics, displacement and SSS as essentials. I am working with D5 since two years and am happy about the speed, simplicity and quality. But there are still features that keep getting postponed in the roadmap from release to release. Since D5 is based on unreal engine i wonder why these features are still not available.

Best Alex

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As noted, I do appreciate the work the development team has undertaken to make D5 better. However, if my boss asks me to make a frosted panel or show some sheer curtains, my response would be that I can’t create those items realistically. I could offer a dancing mannequin, a grey wolf and a snowy exterior. My office uses Enscape currently and now a coworker is pushing Unreal Engine 5. If D5 Render can’t get the basics resolved, it’s unlikely it will be a viable option I can offer for use where I work.


The team D5 is doing work that is even too advanced for features that are not yet as widespread or necessary for the workflow to be shown to the client in the studios.
Rain and snow are great, especially for outdoor movement scenes, but how many actually use it in a presentation of an exterior or interior of a house? The client needs to focus on the success of the work and on the wow effect.
Another addition that might be useful is the finished sketch render effect.
However the D5 developers should be thanked because they are doing a great job in such a short time, I’m sure they will be able to accommodate the requests of many users.


Thank you for this post @jeffreylewispa. This kind of sums up all of my current points and needs in D5. While there are much new functions being added to the software they have the same problem that basic elements lack, which is depth (or perfection).

I am also u user who is looking for realism and i am missing very basic elements that make a BIG difference in output. I have also pointed out some of your points on which 1,2, 6 and 7 are very important for me. Adding to those translucency, volumetrics,… For the moment i am also between different softwares because of these missing basic functions in D5.

Lets hope the development team relates to this point of view @Oliver.J .


Well said. I’ve been using D5 for nearly an year and I am pretty happy with the results.
Super fast rendering time, great quality, being able to render 8K panorama within less than 10 minutes feels just awesome.
Unfortunatelly, as jeffreylewispa mentioned, we still miss some of the basics. I am using SketchUp for my main modeling tool. I would like to see a solution for defining different objects without having the need to apply different materials/colours to them. It would also be good to see assets based on some of the big names on the market. For example companies that produce laminated MDF or chipboard sheets like Kronospan, Egger, Kaindl etc.

I personally have a problem with applying fabrics to objects, as for some of them it is quite difficult to change their colour. My suggestion is to create a basic fabric material like, wool, linen, leather, velvet etc. with plain white colour and then having the abbility to pick up the desired colour.


if you produce a lot of interiors, curtains might be very important. Everyone has different wishes.
Since the first D5 version, I have asked for a good FBX export with materials.
I would like to see Twinmotion’s path tracer, as a second renderengine.
Second, because the PT does need a high performance graphic card and a lot of power.
D5 should also be interesting for architects without having the best hardware.
Lower and higher render quality!
A sketch module would be good. An interface to Quixel. Fur. Better Fog. More PBR materials. More HDRIs with better previews. More Luts and better asset structure for my models.
An object manager for an imported model.
An Ivy Grower, Dirt Shader, Round eges, Terrain modeler and more grass.
Snow is nice, but just for fun.The clients want fotorealism with good content.

This rendering was made with Blender and Graswald with eight clicks, including light setting.
This grass looks perfect

Here you can see several previews for real grass in Graswald.
Either you can scatter with one click, or paint them.
This would be very very useful. The grass in D5 is absolutely low level.
We do not need all of them, but at least 6-10 variations.

Dirtshader and Ivygrower.
This rendering I have made with Lumion 9.
The materials were completely clean.
The dirt on the ceiling, ground and sulptures, was made with a dirtshader (Durt, rust, metall, material). From zero to ten, with a slider.
The ivy was made with the Ivygrower (from zero to ten), except on the ceiling and ground. This is a texture.
At the moment, there is no chance to handle this in D5.


Yes! :100: !!!

Yes 100% agree, the basic things for render must be improved, for me especially for exterior rendering I still rarely use d5 because lack of vegetation (trees) that have high poly and translucency, which is make the render look unrealistic.

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Wow, we can dream of that as a D5Render user
Thanks for the insight, Wolfgang :+1:

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Hi Jeffrey and all dear D5ers who look for realism, I totally agree with your ideas. And our development team has different parts, one for rendering, one for the program( new features like layer), and so on.
Our rendering team are focusing on the basics (in the coming 2.2.1, we optimized the rendering speed, antialiasing, and white-edge issue), I will discuss the issues you mentioned above this week as well. Thank you all for helping D5 to become better.



I think this are very very very usefull points for the team Oliver. Hope you can communicate them well! :pray:

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hi there,

at this point i aso would like to throw in my two cents…

  1. texture randomisation > must have
  2. shaders… things like edge wear and tear, rust, dust, mud, age etc should be there to be activated on top of every material with … > also so must have
  3. soften edge feature fore materials
  4. real displacment
  5. vegetation system grass… to include some professional models inside a robust scatterer would sure enough help
  6. rendering quality options would be nice…
  7. regarding the assests, yes, it would be super if we could see instantly a quality rating of the assets and also if we could disable the ones we dont like… some tag system or so would be cool

best, franza

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Thank you and the D5 Team for your continued work to improve D5 Render. With so much competition from Twinmotion, Enscape and Lumion, if the basics can’t create believable realism, then people are going to move away from your product.

Right now it would seem that most people who use D5 Render are architects and interior designers. So assets and materials that help create great interiors and exteriors are important. That’s why I am hoping the translucency issues in fabrics, curtains, glass and plastic can be made to render much better than at present. D5 Render does have some translucent plants and trees, but they aren’t identified so that should be easy enough to do by the D5 team and of course the results will lead to greater realism.

Other members have voiced different attributes and wishes that are important and I agree with many of them.