Please decals!

I think it’s time to put the decals, they do everything that is particles, which I imagine is a lot of programming, and they don’t make the decals, which is a texture with 2 or 3 capable, I hope this one soon


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It’s under development. Thank you


Please introduce decals asap…its been so long now. Thank you :slight_smile:


real sooon :sweat_smile: sorry for keeping you waiting

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Hello Sohail, log in Discord and the D5 Pro server, we will release a 2.2 preview version today or tomorrow, with 144 decals rolled out.


Hi Oliver !
I’m very glad to hear this news! I’m looking for the preview 2.2 version that you are speaking of, but I can not find it anywhere… Could you help me please ?
Best regards

Yeah, please check your private message, and if you have already been in the Discord server, please let me know your Discord name.

Hi Oliver, I’m a pro d5 render user, but I’m a discord newbie, could you please send me an invitation, or tell me how to access the discord server? Thank you very much!

No problem, I sent you a private message in this forum.

Please add thunder/lighting effect. I am waiting for v2.2, rain and snow weather :heart: wish you success D5 team, you are the best.

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Can I get an invite too? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, please check your private message, I will send you the Discord invitation link(to D5 Pro server)
Normally you will receive an email from D5 team after subscribing to D5 pro, and it contains the link to our Discord server.
Please stay active in this forum. We appreciate your posts and suggestions. :smiley:

Hi Oliver, Can i join ang get 2.2 version too in Discord ?

Hello George, sorry that for now the Discord server and Preview version is only open for Pro subscribers, hope you can understand this. :smiling_face_with_tear:
The official version of 2.2 will come out soon, I think in 2 or 3 weeks.

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No problem, Thanks :blush:

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Hello Oliver, hope you are doing well, i would love to join 2.2 beta as I already use the 2.1 preview, building a library. Doesn’t launch anymore as i install 2.2 preview without knowing that it would be necessary to update the account. always a pleasure to hear from you :blush: