Please Add the VR / Stereoscopic options to 360 Panoramas

I’ve seen a lot of requests for Virtual Tours and VR videos and other big add-ons, but at least our office will have to switch Back to Lumion for the whole marketing package for our projects because we can’t render anything for VR… 360 Flat Panoramas are good for watching on computer monitors or phones, but for VR headsets we need 3D Stereoscopic images at least.

I may oversimplify the process in my head, but it feels like it should be possible to create a stereoscopic option for 360 Panoramas, at 64 mm IPD, at least as a temporary solution.

Thank you!

Hi mate, we will support it soon. Stay tuned on our updates this year!


Hi Oliver, Thanks for the reply… I really hope this comes soon. :slight_smile:


Ah hope it will arrive soon too. Have to switch back to Enscape for this feature but I don’t want to since I like D5 way more! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Oliver.J, Will 360 videos be supported too or only static images?

Hi mate, both of them are considered, I am sorry that we do not have an eta for that.

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Great to hear this is in the radar! It would make our VR presentations more Immersive!.

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The tool with the most priority right now


Hello D5 team. Any updates on this feature?


Has this been added yet?