Plate Glass material option


When using a transparent material, the current shader treats the glass material as a volume , so the refractive index only looks appropriate if you have create a volume of thing glass for windows.

In other packages there is often a different material for single face surfaces which gives an appropriate level of refraction. It would be useful

Sorry, the idea is cool. but for better understanding, could you share a screenshot with us or more details? I will deliver this request to the product team as well.

Sorry I should be clearer and perhaps it is an asset request.

The standard material works really well for solid objects , the IOR/Refraction produces the correct amount of bending - however if the material is a single faced surface with no surface, the IOR/Refraction does not look correction and it needs to be reduced to 1.0.
This means that for things like Windows - where the transparency is automatically set as the material, the appearance is wrong.

Twinmotion for example has a Plate Glass option - presumably with a refraction of 1.0 this is applied to windows by default
There is then a “Item Glass” material , which you apply to solid volumes - which has the mathematically correct IOR applied.

Obviously for best results, you would model all glass surfaces with thickness, but this does not typically happen with many workflows-especially for Archviz.

Thank you, we will support single-sided glass in future, I have shared this request with our team.