Photo matching and texture flickering

I wish I had these 2 features, which I use them a lot:
a) Photo matching (use a photo and guide lines to render my model “on” an image).
b) Texture flickering (to move a texture (i.e. a sticker on a wall) front or backwards, so does not conflicts with other surfaces (flickers or merge abnormally).

Hello, you mean Texture flickering as a notification to warn you when two surfaces overlap?

I have a shop with many walls and many logos (stickers) on them. I want instead of moving in sketchup (some mm) each texture in front of each wall in order not overlap (too much time consuming), to specify inside D5 which of the two surfaces is in front.
In lumion there is an option “flickering”, which saves me a lot of time and moves a surface in front (or behind) the other one which overlaps.

Στις Τετ 20 Απρ 2022 στις 4:21 μ.μ., ο/η Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <> έγραψε:

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Ok, thank u, I will record this request.