Performance improvements tips

i am excited of the results i got with last version. so glad that finally “twinmotion tools” (not all) where combined with with ue raytracing… however i would like to suggest some tips that i guess may be useful to get even more better result.

1.the ue4 has dxr pathtracing mode. i would like to see this mode also here. or even better maybe use pathtracing just for aproximate the light and shadows and combine it as a cache with final result.

  1. maybe its possible to make visible those settings like light bounces and samples. sometimes its useful.

  2. also an idea about mesh degradation for larger scenes with camera distance. just like LOD in ue4. also for foliage like grass maybe add fallof distance to be able to adjust it for a better final result and not overload the gpu.

  3. another cool feature would be the hdri projected mode for the ground. this may be helpful to make exterior archviz even more realistic

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for all the suggestions!
They’ll be forwarded.


thanks you