Pause button

Hello guys, it will be really nice we have a pause button on D5, sometimes i switch to the model program to make changes and d5 still running and at least for me is a pain in the ass to see the hots temperatures in the graphic card, and im really not using d5 in that moment, but i cant close it and load the proyect again everytime i need to make a change in the model. i hope you include the pause button in a early future version. Also when your render is finish go automatically to the pause mode, if you want to render a long video and do something else or just go to sleep the video card will still heating after you finish rendering the video.

PS: Sorry for my english, is not my native language.


Very important request!

Hi! Thanks for your suggestion! D5 team will seriously consider your suggestion!

Agree, have thinked on this a lot! hope it can be done =)

Definitely a nice feature that would be very welcome!