Path Tool custom

Hi, im doing a research on using D5 for an animated escene, but i found unfortunate the moving cutomization.
prove me wrong because, i tried looking everywhere to add a LOCAL asset, made and animated by me and i can´t. I would really love to add custom assets to a character path or to a vehicle path. PLEASE, add this functionality. PLEASE.

Hi, for now it is not supported, and for a single object, you can add keyframes to it manually. We are considering to support custom models in path tool, thanks.

Well, this engine has a lot of potential to be more that just some static escenes, i would really love to see in the future you to support custom models in path tool, and also to support more animations in custom models. and to be more friendly with ABC animations import. thanks for your reply…

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Hi, D5 2.3 will come out next week, with better support for .abc files integrated, stay tuned.

Path tool could be also interesting as non animated part. Fences, electric pole etc.