Path Tool Character - Repeating Control

It would be great if the Path could have control for distributing objects eg: Sequence, Random, One Time Only.
This will give users more control and prevent the appearance of the same object one after the other (especially useful for characters).

Thank you for the idea, I will share it with our team.

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I would like to bring this up again. Please look at attached image from that the path tool has 3 duplicates that are relatively close to each other. I have even increased the path tool pool to 13 characters, but still, I end up with duplicates too close to each other.


It would really be nice to have more controls on people on the path.
That there are paths, with random placement of people and paths with placement according to an order. Paths with order can have people always positioned from the beginning of the path. From there they start walking. And that start always coincides with a key placed in the video and reaches another key. As is done with other objects. In this way it is possible to better control the movements of people within the videos. It would also be good to have groups of people, couples, friends, or other types of groups that walk together. I was able to create my own animated characters, but it is almost impossible to coordinate the walking and the video, without the task becoming a complex and long job.

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