Parking lot

At the moment placing static cars is very complicated in a large parking lot. It would be very helpful if there was an automatic option (something like a path- but that the cars do not move) and also that their wheels do not turn (in the case of animation).
Another question- I have models of cars at max that I want to export them to D5
The number of faces of the models is about 500K per car. Compared to D5’s 150K cars. I tried to lower the number of faces in Max using an optimizer, but it does not work well.
Do you have another solution?

Hello, you can set the vehicle path’s speed to 0, then those cars wont move. But I see that their wheels will still move…I will let product team know this behavior.

To the second question, sorry we do not have other solutions to lower faces in D5…Cars from D5 library are all optimized by our team, to lower the number of faces. We will keep improve the scene capacity.


Hi Oliver. Thanks for the reference.
Currently the only option to place the cars (even if their speed is 0) is along the path. For a parking lot it was very helpful to allow the cars to be placed perpendicular to the path with the option of a random 180 degree turn (so that not all cars would be in the same direction). See Attached.

OK, our product team will consider this, thank u for this very useful and meaningful suggestion :+1: