Parallax workflow

I’m looking for an efficient workflow for placing Parallax planes on large-scale buildings.
(box.fbx workflow and .png imgs is not good for me).
So far I have good results but I’m missing some features.
Using 3dsMax:

  1. Exporting planes (placeholders) grouped as single items via Export.D5A and importing to D5 working fine so far. (D5 Render Importing Groups - YouTube). I have found a workaround to fix the sync issue for now.
  2. Select individual Plane (Alt+LMB) or Ungrouping All to select Planes working fine too.
  3. Select Plane and Replace From Asset is ok but now I’m missing some features now:
    • it would be great if we could have the option “Fit Bounding Size” for replaced models. That way replaced model will fit/scale to the original plane (we accept some non-proportional sizes ) :upside_down_face:
      This “Fit Bounding Size” option could have separate X, Y, and Z checkboxes so we can have more control over how the Replaced model will fit the Original Placeholder.
    • it would be great when selecting multiple planes (placeholders) to have multiple selecting options for Asset Items too (like we have for Path/Brush/Scater). Some sort of Sequence/Random replacement will be nice to have also.
    • sometimes it would be useful to keep the copy for placeholders for future use, so a checkbox option for this would also be useful.

If you need some video or pictures to illustrate please let me know.


Just to add some more and most important feature: supporting Parallax as Material would be even better and it would allow Users to use their custom maps.
Thank You

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Thank you for sharing this workaround and the idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So, after a few large-scale projects, I would definitely go with Parallax as a Material or the option to change the Maps on D5`s Parallax Plane. Adding to local after a setup would be a plus.
Thank you.