Orthodox Church

Theme: Orthodox Church

Artist: Stefan Drašković_VrhArh

Graphics Card: RTX 3060 12GB

Workflow: SketchUp 2018, D5 Render 1.9

Brief description of post-processing: General settings in D5, post-production in Photoshop

Whether the model is original: The model is mine original design. I used some materials from the D5 material base, and some are from Quixel Bridge.

Model source: Studio Vrh Arh

Description of the work: A project for the Orthodox Church was done a couple of years ago, which was built in the meantime. I have never had the opportunity to do an adequate visualization. Now I am happy to use and test the capabilities of the D5 render.


Hi mate, your image is pretty nice, but for still frame works, 2 or more finished drawings shall be submitted. According to our rules, please upload another image here, thank you!

Thanks for the help. I had some problems uploading first image (horizontal). I cant upload image in full resolution because it exceeds the 4MB limit.
I hope this is okay.

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