Orbit and Fly mode

Hi, I realy like to use the Orbit mode instead of Fly mode.
But everytime I import or make another change, the navigation goes to Fly mode. Is it possible to hold the Orbit mode?

Hello, we do not have a setting to go to Fly mode automatically, you may have met some potential bug. Could you record a video for us, to show how the issue happens? We will help you solve it as we can

Hello Oliver,

I can record a video, but it happens when I’m moddeling in Sketchup 2021 (or earlier versions, I hoped it was resolved in D5 2.0) with D5 on and I sync (sync-button) after a while. D5 navigation goes automatically to Fly mode.

By the way, thanks and congratulations for the fantastic update to 2.0!

Hello Oliver,

Did you understand and find the problem? It’s still very annoying to change it every time to “orbit” mode, when I make changes in Sketchup.


Hi Jerome, if you select View off, then moving cameras in SU will not affect the Orbit mode in D5

But if you click Sync button, in D5 it will automatically switch to Fly mode, it is because of our algorithm. We will consider optimize this setting in future, thanks!

Hi Oliver,

Thanks, this solution will be fine for now.