Option to change units

TAt the moment it seems that the units are in millimeters - which is very inconvenient.
Most of us I think in architecture, more comfortable to work in cm.
In any case it would have been good if there was an option to change the units.
Another thing: the north is not like the north in Max and it is very confusing
It is also very difficult to know in which direction the sun is facing.
It would have been nice if there was an option for a small navigation pane that shows the model schematically
In top view (something that does not require a lot of computer resources) to know where the sun is.

Thanks for the suggestions, I think they are very useful!

First of all thanks for the great update of 2.3
Jumping the post again - I still lack the option to change the units
It is very difficult to work with millimeter units - it is mainly suitable for mechanics.
For architecture it is more appropriate to work with units of cm. And I think that most of the use of the software is for architectural simulations.
Please your reference.


Hello, thank you for the idea. I also discussed this with the product team. Could you please let me know what region or country you are at now? It seems that mm is more commonly used in our researches.
No offense, and we just want to learn more about this request, thanks~

Hi Oliver.

Thank you for your attention
I’m from Israel and I think most European countries work with cm units.
In any case, I did not ask to cancel the mm units - but to have an option for the user to choose which units he wants to work in (see an example from 3d max)
For me, mm units meant dealing with additional numbers in each object - something that slowed down my work.


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Austria here. cm units would be nice!

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ok, thank you guys~

There is also a growing number of users in the United States, so an option to change the user interface units to imperial would be helpful.

Good Morning from Florida.
I think using only mm is a colossal error and mistake.
I’m from Europe and worked in mm, now I’m living in the US and working in inches.
Im using Lumion, Vray, etc. I love D5 quality and I used D5 for the last few projects. The only problem is how I can ensure everything is in the correct scale and proportion.
especially using the assets library.
Modeling everything in Sketchup for example will have correct proportions, but anything from D5 I’m not sure anymore. 1cm is 25.4mm when I imported the model in imperial units 1(1 inch) is still 25.4mm? what scale is the furniture? etc, etc. I’m new to d5 so maybe I’m missing something but I want to be 100% sure that I’m working with the correct parameters.

Thank you, we will provide more units for users in different regions, you guys can vote here to make this function prior to the other one. Our team leader will look at this some times.

Turkmenistan here. cm units would be nice!