「Open Beta」 D5 Hi - AI Spatial Concept Design Tool

Welcome to D5 Hi–AI space concept design tool.
D5 Hi: http://d5next.ai/
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We hope that you:

  • Are 3D professionals and designers from various fields.
  • Have experience with AI-assisted workflows or are open-minded about them.
  • Are able to experience and use all the features of D5 Hi and provide us with feedback on usage.

How to participate in the beta testing of D5 Hi:

  • Visit the website http://d5next.ai/.
  • Apply to join the waiting list and you will receive a confirmation email with details.
  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an email notification, and then you can experience D5 Hi as soon as possible.

It is recommended to use an existing D5 email account to apply for membership.

Notice for beta testing:

  1. During the beta testing period, the images generated by AI cannot be used in commercial projects; Participants should be aware that the platform has the right to collect and disclose data during the testing period for future product development;

  2. Please comply with legal regulations and refrain from generating and spreading sensitive content, otherwise the beta testing qualification will be canceled.

  3. Your suggestions and testing can help us quickly optimize the user experience of D5 Hi.

Thank you very much for always supporting D5 Team.



great news, can’t wait to try it :star_struck:

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Does it output the 3D model as well, or is it just like MidJourney?

It’s more like Stable Diffusion, focusing on arch/landscape/interior field. you can join our discord server to find more information about that.

Nice, hopefully the “AI image into 3D model” feature comes soon, which will be a huge W for D5 Render in the AI market.

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Thanks for the support, we are looking into it.

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hi I am new here

How to Enhance my Rendered Image?

Hi mate, you need to make your scene with suitable lighting conditions, place assets to
enrich scenes, and render your images in a big size. you can also refer to our scene express channel, download some good cases and learn from those.

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