One family colour bathroom concept

Theme: Black/ Dark grey
Artist: Ai Nguyen
Graphics Card: Nvidia 2070 Super
Workflow: Concept developement stage
Brief description of post-processing: Light photoshop post-processing
Whether the model is original: Yes
Model source: Self created/ Sketchup

Description of the work: The render is a concept proposal for a couple in Poland who are currently building their new house. This bathroom has no windows as it is located on the ground floor so it is quite tricky to render in a zero-environmental natural light.

If you guys are interested learning the technique of renderring in a zero-environmental natural light, please let know. I’m willing to do it for free. I can also send you my work sample for you to see a clearer picture.

Thank you


So clean and nice style, I fancy it!

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What field of view was used? The camera and perspective is perfect. Great lighting and materials too.

Hi Dave, I used a portrait FOV + 90 camera angle. i am willing to share you my file if you need to inspect the details.

Thank you. Appreciate that!

I’d really appreciate seeing the files, still working to get my lighting better.

Hi Dave, absolutely, I am finding a way to send my file. It is going to take me some time to get this done as I have other priorites right now but I promise you I’ll upload the file asap