NVIDIA Quadro P4000


I can’t run D5 render. I have NVIDIA Quadro P4000.

Please do let me know why it keeps on error when opening.


Hi J,

We dont support Quadro P4000 now.
Probably will add support for it, but not very soon

Thank you very much

Hi Jessie,

Thank you!


I have a nvidia quadro p4000. It’s adapt to work with the program? I want to subscrive but I want to know if this card it’s adapt and I can work. I installed the program and it’s open. thanks

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Hello cris, sorry to tell you that Quadro p4000 is not supported now.

What is the meaning “is not supported”? The meaning is that the program doesn’t work? i cannot work?

I tried to open the program and it seems that works good. it’s no fast in best preview but It seems that works. I’m luky or it’s normal? Are there any limitations? thanks

The NVIDIA geforce GTX 1060 6GB it’s ok for the program?

Yes, GTX1060 6GB is ok, but P4000 is not.

It is not normal, do you have other graphic cards on your computer except P4000?
P4000 will not pass our hardware detection when first launching D5 Render, did you bypass the detection manually? :joy:

I was wrong. I have a gtx1060 6gb. This is the reason why the program is ok. have you some suggest for settings in nvidia control panel?

Ok, got it :grin:It is suggested to use the default settings.

thanks a lot

So what a surprise. I just bought a new computer, after not being able to download D5 with an old one, the latter more powerful and with an Nvidia RTX A4000. I recently installed D5 and it seems to work fine but nop goes very fast and the computer blows when it does the calculation. If this card is not suitable it will be a failure for me and I would like to know if it is planned to remedy, if it really exists, this problem sooner rather than later. Thank you so much.

Hello @emilisanchez emilisanchez, sorry to hear that you ran into this problem, to confirm, you are using RTX A4000, not P4000, right? Normally this gpu should work well with D5, so we may need to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Please make sure your video driver for the GPU is updated:
    NVIDIA RTX / Quadro Desktop and Notebook Driver Release 510 | R510 U4 (512.15) | Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 | NVIDIA
  2. What’s more, if your computer shuts down when rendering or editing in D5 Render, it may because the power is not enough. Could you let me know how many watts the power supply is?
  3. Also, please do not run CPU/GPU overclock settings. And this setting is suggested to turn off for D5 Render:

If the problem remains, please let us know and we will follow up with this topic here.

Thanks Oliver,
Yes it is the RTX A4000, give me a joy. The computer works well, only it makes a little more noise when calculating. I have updated the drivers for your Nvidia link and it no longer had the graphics box you tell me enabled. I also marked on Windows that the card works for D5 in high performance. In fact, everything is going well for me and now I’m calmer. Thank you so much.

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salve scusatemi, volevo chiedere se è stato aggiornato d5 per supporto su p4000

Hello, sorry, D5 still does not support P4000.