Noob questions

I’m just starting with D5 and had some questions. I’ve created a scene in modo that I exported as fbx with export materials turned on. When I import into d5 no materials are created. Also, there’s no fbx heirarchy for me to turn certain items on or off. So, how do I get my materials imported with my model. And is it possible to have the heirarchy shown and editable? Thanks.

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Hi there! for now, we don’t support the MODO, you can try to import the model to 3D max first, than download a plugin that support 3D max at our Official website. And than import it to D5!

Hey there I am a Modo user too. I usually export as a .fbx from Modo and then take it into blender ( which is so much cheaper that 3ds max :slight_smile: ) there is a d5 plugin available from the downloads section that allows you to export from blender in the d5a format that will import into d5 with textures linked and materials assigned which is very handy. At the moment there are some types of texture that you may need to tweak in d5 e.g textures with alpha channels you will need to change the material type in d5 to ‘custom alpha’
I hope that helps.