No preview with blender

when exporting from blender to librairy/model, cannot see the icon img.
the only i cant create icon is to import the object, save it as local. Is it normal ?

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Hi Danygasnier1,

Thanks for posting here. First,

Did you move the model file into the local folder of D5 library directly? What is its file format?
If yes, it is normal that D5 cannot recognize its icon, because it has not been imported into a D5 scene yet. You can drag it into a D5 scene, then modify the icon here:

Second, yes it is normal, that is the common way to add models to local library.

from blender plugin, i save model directly into my own librairy/model where are my local stuff, thanks for the tips on thumbnails, it works, i suggest more small youtube tutorial on stufff like this, let’s put lumion to the ground

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Hi, thanks, this video may help: D5 Render 2.1 | Adding models to local & Local asset library - YouTube
Besides, our new Blender plugin is in beta testing, you can try it by joining our Discord server:
D5 Render

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