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**Theme:**NIK LIVING
Graphics Card: GTX 1070
Workflow: ARCHICAD D5 2.0


Nice work. Did you do the fabric rug and cushions in ArchiCAD? I use ArchiCAD and struggle to get good textiles modelled with it

the fabric and program D5. for the rest and everything archicad, you have to know how to manage in the surfaces having the dimensions of the image without contour smudges, you build the tiles in Ps, I think you know it as a program, then you give it a size you want, with a white box or dark gray and save it and load it in archicad. I usually do both the surface horizontally and vertically, this with the essence of wood or parquet. then I give it the size. Make sure that the image has the dimension in PIXSEL which are referred to Cm or in meters in the archicad surfaces: like 20cm are 200pxl of the image, then you load it and position it wherever you want, you know that in the program we use the exact way of place. Documents - Creative representations - Align textures in 3d,
I hope I have helped you.
A hug Riccardo :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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