New types of windows coverings

Hi. I love the color-changeable curtains attached to D5, they are dynamic (maybe a few static ones are missing, just hanging) but in general we often use them in multi-family investments… Is it possible to add other types of window blinds? Wooden and metal blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds? This would give more opportunities to bring the windows to life in a more realistic way. If they were also dynamic and it was possible to change their colors or materials in the case of blinds, it would be an incredible convenience in arranging windows. Regards.

OK, we will take them into consideration. Besides, in the coming D5 2.3, we can control the animation of dynamic curtains…

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Olivier you are bullying me…you know very well that I am waiting for the update already like on pins :slight_smile: :wink:

:laughing: Welcome to join our Discord server, where we have beta testing, and many events hh.
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