New Release:Video Animation is coming

Important Notice : The “Video Recording” beta function requires the graphics card driver to be updated to GeForce Game Ready 436.15 WHQL or higher, otherwise the program may be crashed or show other malfunctions during export.

New features:

  • video animation(beta)
  • “open recent” on welcome page to view project history
  • press Ctrl for multiple selection in resource list
  • keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G to form light source and models into groups
  • multiple selection of light source for batch adjustment
  • option to top the material library


  • Rendering speed boosts 2~3 times
  • support size adjustment of material library
  • HDR outdoor image by default
  • adjustment to rotation axis
  • save more scene parameters
  • User Interface details


  • no image at maximized program window
  • program uninstall error
  • error in importing .fbx file
  • popup window sticking to the top; overlay display available