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hi. since using the latest 1.8 version i would like to give some new ideas. the custom material type has such option like invisible for raytracing. we need this option also in cloth or custom alpha. for example we have curtain with alpha texture but we need the lighting to be traced through the curtain and not throught the alpha texture. i mean the curtain must be also invisible for raytracing to get full light from exterior.

another idea is to add more texture manipulation tools like texture brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma etc. this will make textures more tweakable for faster workflow avoiding using ps or other image editors.


hi andreymd87

Thank you for your feedback!

We will consider adding this option to the cloth material as well

In the upcoming version, simple editing of the texture is already possible.
Supports hue, saturation, brightness and contrast adjustment when editing base color

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thank you !!

please do not forget about the tool that I wrote about, which we can find in Blender, is called node wrangler and I wrote about it before

Look forward to the new editing texture options!