Navegation improvement - Walk view

First of all, congrats to the D5 team for such a great job so far! I started using D5 this week and I’m loving it!

I use the “Walk view” navigation a lot, as I was used to softwares like Twinmotion and Lumion. The problem is that with D5 Render the mouse is still on screen when moving the camera. This is a big problem, because when the mouse reaches the screen limits I need to position it on the center of the screen and click again to continue moving.

I think it would be better if it were like Twinmotion and Lumion in this matter. I should be able to move the camera around and not worry about where the cursor is, more like a video game.

This is something that makes the D5 usage a bit annoying, and I think this simple fix will make so much difference.


Sorry sir, I do not understand, when you are in ‘Walk view’, you can drag the mouse and press WASDQE to control the direction at the same time, I personally think this is more convenient. Do you mean we need to let the cursor go to the center of the screen automatically after moving the camera using keyboard? If I misunderstand your meaning, feel free to let me know.

Have a nice day!


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This is something a bit hard to put on words, sorry. I recorded a video comparing the d5 navigation with Twinmotion. In D5 I need to click and drag multiple times to orbit the camera. In Twinmotion, when I’m orbiting the camera I can move freely, as a video game. You will notice that the cursor disappears when I enter the orbit mode.

The navigation in Twinmotion, in this matter, is more fluid.

Hope it is clear now.