My first time with D5 render

**Theme: My first time with D5 render
**Artist: Lily Castro
Graphics Card:
**Workflow: SketchUp + D5render
**Brief description of post-processing: I downloaded a conformed scene from 3DWarehouse, modified it slightly and worked with SketchUp linked in real time to D5render.
**Whether the model is original: no
**Model source: 3dwarehouse

**Description of the work: My first approach to D5 render :slight_smile:
I have loved working with this program and it has left me with some doubts:
-Is there a way to make the background hdri as finite?
-Is it possible to make vertical videos (thinking about social networks)?


my first video with D5

Hi Lily, welcome! And the works are nice! For now we do not support rendering vertical videos, but we are developing to support it.
Could you let me know more details about your requirement to set the HDRI as finite? Or any other renderer you use has that feature?

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