Music and Lights (widget)

I know it’s a crazy idea but I love stage lighting and I’m a dreamer.
I think the D5 developers probably know something about the DMX protocol.
Within Vectorworks we can design stage lighting then connect the software to a special renderer called Vision and previsualize motion effects of moving head lights, dimmering and gobo effects.
I noticed there are now some light fixtures in the Pro version.
Because many D5 models are parametric with on-off features, materials, animations: what about the possibility to create some light fixtures which can read dmx data with a special plugin?
There are some commercial products dedicated only to this task. In China there is an huge market related to the stage lighting production.
This feature could help designers to previsualize the lighting effects connecting compatible dmx consoles and a simple usb-dmx interface to the software.
Now let’s imagine what a lighting designer can do with Rhinoceros/Grasshopper + D5

Please add 3d models of musical instruments and singing, applauding, dancing people.