Motion tracking and camera path

Hi there,
Motion tracking in blender is a very powerfull tool to work with mixed footage 3d/reality and D5 could have a way to enjoy/use it by importing camera path and caracteristics (field of view…) and allow to render with transparent background…

Please allow a camera path which is not linear. Arcs, splines, spirals, etc. would be very useful.

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Thank you for your advice! it’s still under development but not long to wait I think.

Just curious how it is going with this ? LUMION has implemented import of .FBX camera tracking iinfo which we have been playing around with and got great results. Drone footage circling around a site where we tracked the camera on the drone in synth eyes and imported the track into LUMION. rendered out and masked in Resolve. Please could you prioritize this as its more and more what the customer is requesting.