Motion feature

Can we please introduce this feature where things can be be rotated, swing (pendulum), doors opening, fan rotating, etc. Basically we don’t want to rely on blender (.abc format). These things could be done itself in D5 render. Twinmotion has this feature already.

Thank you

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Hi @Sohail for now you can use keyframe animation to make some basic motion scenes.D5 Render 1.6 | Keyframe Animation - YouTube

Thanks, Vicky, I have seen this before but this is very limited. I am expecting more advanced features. Something like this:


Yes, the animation options in Twinmotion are good. I wish something like that for D5 Render.


@Oliver.J @Jessie_Huang

Hi guys.

Can we please have this feature in the upcoming version? This feature makes it a lot easier to rotate objects, and it is not only used for doors and stuff but will also be very useful for product and furniture designers while making a short video where they can demonstrate the opening an closing/ folding of a particular part of the whole design.