Modo to Max to D5

So our workflow is to split out our models based on various tasks. In this particular case, we have the main building, the site, the surrounding buildings, and the furniture in the main building (4 separate models). We have tried everything we can think of including bringing the FBX into Max and exporting from Max to D5. The origin points of all 4 models are different. When I bring them into D5 and set them all to 0,0,0 the models are all misaligned. When they are all brought into Max the alignments are perfect. Had anyone encountered this?

Hi there, we will make it perfect by a few steps in the near future, Very sorry for the troubles you met!

I appreciate that. Our work around was to create 8 cubes equidistant from the center of origin. This establishes the center. Then we export the various models AND the cubes for each export. This forces D5 to assume the same base point. It’s a work around for sure so hopefully you guys can get something is the queue right away.

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