Modern sofa with D5 2.4

Artist: Filip Lekawski
Design: Filip Lekawski
Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
Workflow: SKP + D5 + PS


Hi guys, I am sharing with you output from the D5 2.4 with brand new GI :smile:
What do you think? I think that D5 team did a great job!


Very good, but a comparison between 2.3 and 2.4 would be good, to see the difference in detail.
At the moment it is hard to see.
Although, a very good shot!

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Yeah, you are right. Perhaps I will find some more time to make a comparison. For now, I personally see significant improvement in GI.

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Can you tell something about the light scene, please? Looks great.

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Thanks :smile: Regarding lights - it is a combination of sunlight (lower intensity) and rectangle light.

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Hi there,

well done!

But…i think the new engine 2.4 still has the same bug in the reflections as the current version. If you look closely at the three marked areas you see a too bright and too sharp reflection. It should be way darker and rougher like the reflection on the metal surface or the floor next to it (the surfaces that are reflected in the too bright reflections).

If i am not wrong, this is all connected to a problem with reflections of the second ray bounce. I mean reflections of reflecting surfaces. The first reflection looks realistic, the second one looks like someone cheated with the nature / physics of real world reflection laws - if you understand what i mean.

Maybe this is a common problem of realtime render engines since you usually have to sacrifice realism for speed (frames per second).



Hi Alex,
thanks for your feedback. Actually, I was wondering why those surfaces are so bright. Perhaps you are right about the second ray bounce. In the earlier versions of D5 there were bigger problems with reflections - in particularly the same scene I had wrong reflections on the floor (too bright areas). But, it might be also a material problem - I did some tests and when I applied basic/custom material, added metalic, and increase specular then it looks correct.


this one is better! Still some tiny bright spots at the very bottom of the sofa framing… =)
And there is one hightlight at the rear leg of the table that i dont understand. I marked it as well. Where could the light come from to produce such a light?

Have you noticed the faint horizontal line on the wall above the sofa? Is this texture based or a lighting problem / detail?

But over all a cool rendering!!!


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Actually I did not change material there :smile:
Regarding rear leg I am not sure, but in this scene I have multiple lights, but anyway I think that overall it is pretty decent.

As for the horizontal line, it might be a fence or something outside the room - I have a garden there.

Thanks :pray:t3:

Maybe, this are polygons, that are not textured?