Modern House

Artist: Pawel Fied
Graphics Card: rtx 3080 ti
Workflow: photoshp, sketchup, d5 2.1
Brief description of post-processing:
**Whether the model is original:**investor
**Model source:**investor

Description of the work:


Nice and clean, love it Pawel!

Very nice house and renderings.
The only weakness are the clouds. Non-realistic.
For this quality, I would take a real photo for the background, or without clouds.

Hi Pawel,
I love your rendering, very nice.
would u give me tips how to get the window glass effects

Thanks a lot

You must adjust specular in glass material and build environment behind the building to be reflected in windows.

I will try
Thanks a lot

Very nice!
I could live there…

Hello friend, I wanted to ask you for help, how do you get that texture on the grass around the house. Thanks a lot

@ cw1
hello, this is mix of variation 3d grass models from d5 library.

Amazing work pawel!

I always struggle to find this nice and clean whitish sunlight but not overexposed and with darker shadows. Did you adjust most of it in PS? or in D5 itself?

@ lucascastro
You must work with channels rendering - I’m adjust it with AO map and contrast balanced in photoshop. General light is from sunlight in D5

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very nice Paweł, I’m impressed
Można z Tobą pogadać na privie? jaki do Ciebie kontakt?

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Clean and neat! congrats