MODERN HOUSE in Sri Lanka| D5 GEO&SKY| My own Architecture project

D5 Render Version: 190
Graphics Card: Rtx 2080ti 11GB
Workflow: Skecthup 2019

This is my own Architectural project in Sri Lanka. Modern 4 Bedrooms house. Hope you like this. Thank you.


Fantastics images! :+1:t4:

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Very nice job. :+1:t4:
maybe a little more contrast in the image, and a little less high the vegetation.


Really really cool, it is photo-realistic! But I am curious about one thing, that why you do not increase the picture’s saturation…You just want this style, or have not done post-production?

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Thank you very much for your advice :slight_smile:

Hello. thank you very much. I do a few post-production in photoshop. this is an original image (raw render)

Maybe my taste was wrong. I think a little bit of low saturation going with real-world photos…

So I did a few different post-production like this… Plz, advise me. Thanks.

Fine, I like the last one…Of course they are all very good works, but for me, I think low saturation will make the picture lifeless.

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