Modern family house

**Theme: Family house
**Artist: Michal Rabek, RABEK - stavebná projekcia a vizualizácie
**Graphics Card: Quadro RTX4000
**Workflow: ArchiCad, D5, Lightroom.
**Model source: House is original, some plants are from 3D sky, quixel, maxtree, Mustang is from B8 architects (shared in fb group)


Good job! :slight_smile:

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great work!

did you use grass size of 0,1??

Hi Lucas, thank you! Here I used size 0.2. Because 0.1 is a little bit problematic, its laggy when I paint larger area (with my 32gb ram). Anyway, variation of size was 0.5 and grass was painted to be more yellow. I think grass is still weakpoint for exterior in D5, everything else like plants you can import from fbx. I wrote request in D5 works that we more grass assets like forestpack or option how to scatter custom grass. Will see :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally agree, it is hard to do shortcut grass. I have 64 gb RAM and it is not enough but I think that ram is not so important as graphic card memory. You can always change quality of shading in viewport.
For me it is strange from workflow point of view because when you scatter grass with size 0.1 it is hard to do anything else. You cannot turn off grass layer cuz it is scatter and if you erase it you must do it again + a lot of guesswork. So usually I make a grass as a last step…
For short cut grass you can always use a texture but since there is no 3D geometry displacement it won’t work for close-ups and scenes where grass connects to a building/objects.

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I agree on those points and hope they rework the grass system. I also struggle in the last phase of the project when you have to do the guesswork with different variaties, combinations,… Takes up a lot of resources and does not feel fluent in the workflow atm. I also suggested forestpack or graswald, lets hope this is on top of the list.


Agree thats also my workflow. Make everything else and grass in the end. But its needed to work on low quality viewport.

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Yes this is my dream! I think new grass system will improve interest of D5 for a lot of new users. But new scatter system for small objects like grass, gravel, leaves could be enough and the best way!