Modern bright living room

Furniture: 3D Warehouse | CGTrader
Graphics Card: RTX 2070 Super
Workflow: SKP+D5+PS

In these two an emissive plane is only source of light.

This one is with different material and just sun.


I like this vibe :100:

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Thank you zzy0129:)

amazing !!
but I think the light isn’t real - physically accurate -

To be honest it is a little bit too bright and I am gonna remake it. In this scene I was testing emissive plane as a only source of light and I think results are pretty nice.

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D5 interior is still struggling, I hope we could reach the quality level of corona renderer or UE4

As far as I know there will be some improvement In 2.0 version. Perhaps quality is not so good as corona or ue5 yet but still its very decent.

In this project: Minimalistic kitchen - #5 by f-light
I used just sun and I think the result is pretty close to ue or corona.

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Stunning !!
I’m looking forward to the improvements in v 2.0

The micro shadows, GI and contrast, including sharpness, in Corona is the best on the market.
Corona is only developed for rendering. There is no software on the market that will beat this.
Vray could make it, but not 100%
D5 is approx 80%, in case the rendering is outstanding.

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You are right. It also depends on model geometry complexity and materials. We will see what d5 will show in future updates. All these engines are based on ray-tracing but apparently different algorithms.

I do hope, that D5 will reach 90% (GI and shadows)

It is impressive! At the beginning of the development of Corona, the developers announced that they would develop the best render engine on the market for architecture. They did it.
It is always good to set a goal. That motivates.


I checked this scene in 2.0 version and GI and shadows are much better. It is significant improvement. D5 is chasing the biggest engines on the market.


Looks great and better!
Each percent is good!

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Detail is so much better, there are also microshadows. Just zoom it:)

What light did you use!

As far as I remember it was hdri (pure white).

This result is much better :star_struck: :star_struck:
I’m waiting for 2.0

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How can I get this type of illumination ?