Merge Project, how to

Hi, I’m new to D5, but not to 3d and rendering. I came across this video.

Showing how to use the merge project widget. I do understand that when you merge projects, a new D5 file is created which contains the merged files. But the video shows at the beginning a workflow where you save open in D5 the files you want to merge and then save a new file.

I fail to see what’s the need for saving the models as a separate D5 file. The merge project action will create a different D5 file anyway. Or it’s me that I don’t get the workflow?

Thanks in advance.

You save the files first so they can then be worked on separately and finally merged, and the two orginal files merge into a new one. I don’t think I quite understand your question but do you feel there’s something wrong with the workflow in the tutorial?

Hello, it is like that, they created Project A (PJA), then made a copy (saved as) Project B (PJB).
In this case, one team open and edit the PJA, while another team edit PJB.
Finally, they will merge PJA and PJB into a new file (which is called Project A merge in that video)

This way is better because before they are worked on separately, the two models are aligned in D5 Render, which makes it easier to adjust the final merged files.

Hi, thanks for your explanation is more clear now. I think that my question wasn’t clear enough.

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