Materials with rounded edges?

Hi there,

A proposal:

It would be nice if there was an option to round edges as a material property. This can considerably increase the level of realism without the need to enhance the geometry in Sketchup, which takes time and effort, makes the model heavier and often can’t be applied correctly in complex shapes.

Thanks and keep up the great work!



Great! Thanks guys!

Yes - please! This will help me save loads of time round corners all my geometry. Can’t wait!

Any clue of how long will it take until it gets release?

When will this rounded corners and edges option be released?
I still use the lumion solely because of that. Please be quick because I want to convert to D5 Render! :slight_smile:

It is on the roadmap with high priority, please wait for the development.


Thank you Oliver! I also am looking soooo forward to round corners. I have used Vray more the last couple of months because I can do round corners . It is to destructive and time consuming to round all my geometry in projects especially when there is lots of design changes!

Waiting patiently.