Master Bathroom 2 | B-Roll

Theme: Bathroom Design
Artist: ArchitecTab
Graphics Card: RTX 3060
Workflow: Skp20+D5 2.1+PP
Model source: Orig

Description of the work: Experimenting with D5 render water streaks effect and surface imperfections.


I think those details are very good, nice job!

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Thank you Oliver.

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it’s a really good job, and the details are sweet. What technique did you use on the D5 with the LED light behind the mirror?

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Thank you Furkan. Just couple of strip lights angled towards the wall face. Not perfect but it does the job.

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amazing job dude!

Thanks @lucascastro

This is a long and annoying situation. But the result seems to be successful. I hope that in the future updates there will be a short path for hidden LED lighting on soft lines.


How did you do that dripping water on the glass??

D5 render keyframe feature.

you can find this material in D5 library:

Besides, if you want to have animated water streaks, you can try the new feature in 2.2.

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Very nice animation, congratulations! :clap: What I don’t get is why the blinds keep getting opened and closed, going up and down. Maybe the owner can’t make up his mind? :sweat_smile:

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:sweat_smile: I totally agree. Thank you for your comment :+1:

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