Mapped Drives

I don’t know if this has been implemented already but if not yet, I’d like to recommend enabling Mapped drives access when adding assets. Eg. HDRi from a mapped drive. or am I just missing something.

My mapped drives are not showing up under "This PC > Network Locations "

Ex. Drive D, Drive E

At the moment, You have to manually type the whole network path in order to access the files from a mapped drive. I appreciate your awesome work.

Thank you.

I have the need now in home office mode to replicate some drives from my office network using vsubst command. D5 doesn’t seems to recognize virtual drives as other programs do. There is any fix or plan to correct this?

I think this has been addressed in Version 1.6.

I don’t see any virtual drive in version 1.6

I thought you meant Mapped Drives because in that case, It’s working for me.
mklink folders also works.