Luxury Bathroom design

RTX 3060 12 GB / Ryzen 5 5600X
Blender + Sketchup + D5 Render
D5 Inbuilt Post-Production
Fully Modelled in Blender and Sketchup.

Link - Bathroom Design 01 | 3D Warehouse

Bringing luxury to life with a bathroom interior design. A spacious 6x12 ft carpet area, elegantly dressed in a rich maroon, cream, and teal color scheme. A touch of sophistication with 2x8 inch dado tiles and all-black sanitary ware. Relax and rejuvenate in style :bathtub::two_hearts: #bathroomdesign #luxuryinteriors #maroonandteal"


It looks absolutely stunning! The sleek fixtures and elegant color scheme create a serene atmosphere. It reminds me of my recent bathroom renovation, where I incorporated some modern design ideas I found on this blog: . It’s amazing how a well-designed bathroom can transform the whole vibe of a home.

What material did you use for the red countertop? great job