Lubicz Park - Kraków - animation

Theme: Lubicz Park - Kraków - animation
Artist: Spotlight Studio
Graphics Card: RTX 2080TI
Workflow: 3ds max, D5 Render, Krita, ShotCut
Brief description of post-processing: only LUT
Whether the model is original: yes
Model source:

Description of the work:
I am posting an animation and a shots of the project I was working on some time ago. Everything done in D5 render 1.9 before version 2.0 came out.

The buildings are existing, the change took place mainly in the land development project.

Link to google maps as it looks now:



Nice work, the only thing that look strange are frozen people. I know that some animated 3d people are not detailed enough but some in the background would do a better job.

I didn’t want to mix animated people with static people, but maybe you’re right. A few people in the background would liven up the scene a bit.

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It depends on scenes and animation path, but you’re right, sometimes it’s hard to mix. For sure guy on a bicycle should not be frozen. :stuck_out_tongue: Personally I place people in 2nd or 3rd plan in overbright or dark areas so the spectator is more focused on architecture.

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The frozen people do not look that bad but it would be better if they were a little far in the background and they do not have walking motions or some obvious motion that require action

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Good point. As I look at these shots now, I wonder if it was better to make people without realistic materials. Just a simple color.

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