Loft Apartment


First real test on D5 Render!

The thing that got me is how easy it is to get used to it and how fast a project can be done, from start to finnish.

I’m shure that there’s a lot to learn and develop, but here are my first results.

At the end, it took me 20 hours to finnish.
3 hours looking for references
5 hours modelling
5 hours learning, texturing and bringing assets into D5
6 hours to render the animations and 360s
1 hour to wrap it up on Affter Effects.
Here is the link for the animation:

Hope you guys enjoy it!

The 360s are in my website:


great job and also great times…I thought that Im fast…but seems like Im not…congrats

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Thanks! I’ll do another one, based on a house i’m working on, lets see the times!

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Hey dnmorato,

Thank you for sharing! It’s meaningful

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