this is one of my exercises with D5 1.9.
The model is original from Nguyen Dinh Quoc, with several modifications from myself.
I tried, to come closer to Corona render with a nice athmosphere and light.
D5 Render does make a good job, but still needs to be improved.
Maybe you like it.


Nice design and overall vibe. For me the only problem is sofa material and curtain. Maybe some normal map on individual uvs would do the trick. I have problem with nice gauze curtain too, currently Im working on my personal material.

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I agree with you. The upload to this gallery, does make the images very soft. Very soft!
A better curtain material would be nice. You are correct.
Maybe the next time.

Very nice~And about the curtain, I recently heard a trick that changing the cloth material to foliage material can bring better effect and look, maybe you could try it. :blush:

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Actually I was doing that, but it’s not gauze curtain then, rather regular semi-transparent fabric.
It would be great to have gauze material close to corona’s one:)

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Hi Oliver,
as far as I can see, the uploded images for the gallery are downsized.
My original size is 3250x1828px. The upload is now 1920x1080px.
Therefore the image is not sharp.
Is there a reason for the smaller size?

Hi Flamingo, it is a new feature from Discourse service:

Thank you for noticing this, we turn off this feature now, and the image will not be compressed any more. :grin:


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