Living garden accommodation

Graphics Card: GTX 1070
Workflow: Archicad - SketchUp D5 render
Brief description of post-processing: ARRANGEMENT OF FURNITURE ON A GARDEN SPACE
Whether the model is original:
Model source:

Description of the work: LIVING GARDEN ACCOMMODATION

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Wow, this garden setup looks absolutely inviting! The way the furniture is arranged amidst the lush greenery creates such a cozy atmosphere. It’s like a little haven right in your backyard.
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Hi quentinli889, thanks for your support and comment, but it’s a 3 year old job. Then Render D5 1.3 or 1.4 was used, I don’t remember well, but that was the period, when D5 was without gadgets and without AI, and I didn’t have the full formula for loading objects, but I got them, as I still do now with the Web of some sites that you can download some items. Thanks again :heart: